Thursday, May 26, 2016

About Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game",You have to understand the story

I'm afraid a lot of people did not understand why the Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game" would be so attention overflowing, why this pair of black and red sneakers sought would be so crazy, it all comes from 97 years of June 11.

While not the first time Michael Jordan put on a pair of black and red Air Jordan 12 on behalf of twelve boots, but one day destined to be remembered by the world, but also the achievements of a new Michael Jordan, a basketball court near - a man of God.

June 11, 1997, the Chicago Bulls in Game 5 against the Utah Jazz, the two sides before the game 2-2 in a tie game.

This is a life and death battle, but Jordan was in before the game because of food poisoning had a high fever, diarrhea more than, stop vomiting, severe dehydration, almost unable to stand.

In almost collapse of the situation, Jordan sick battle, played a full 44 minutes, scored 38 points, II and IV, respectively, the key had 17 points and 15 points, and the game before the whistle 25 seconds, with a remember winning three-pointers, to help the Bulls 90-88 Lectra Jazz, the first to reach the final match point.

Last pause before the whistle, Jordan has been doing all weak to even move towards the bench are very difficult, Pippen helped him off the scene of so many fans visibly moved.

And when Jordan was wearing black and red color spaces Air Jordan 12 is named after this is called Air Jordan 12 "Flu Game".

This was Pippen helped the scene remembered by everyone, but the following dynamic map, so you can feel in the night Michael Jordan has weakened to the point that the basketball court godlike man, will not let any difficulties and any people, become an obstacle to his glorious road.

This is Michael Jordan, and this pair of Air Jordan 12 shoes black and red brought us never forget the spirit!

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