Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cheap Air Jordan XXXI will be available in September

It has entered the 30th generation Air Jordan shoes will usher in the 31st generation debut! From the list of the current exposure of the sale, the first black and red color will Bred Fine Print and color, September 3 will be on sale! Also just 2 months time!

Air Jordan XXXI Bred
Item: 845037-001
Release Date: September 3

Air Jordan XXXI Fine Print
Item: 845037-003
Release Date: September 3

XX9 gone from minor upgrades to the XXX, although brought a new fashion style in appearance, but are based on the same platform to build. And Tinker Hatfield also admitted that the first generation of 31 would not be major changes.

We will see in the end what a XXXI, I believe will soon have the answer, please pay close attention to the latest reports FLIGHTCLUB Chinese station!

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